The most consistent question I have gotten the past few days is: “So have you got everything packed?!” I am not sure if it is just a polite question to show interest in the fact that I will be leaving the country for the next year, or if they truly want to know the trials and tribulations of packing a wardrobe suitable for the better part of the next year. Nonetheless, my answer has been, “No.”

Not only do I not want to spend time squishing socks into shoes, or rolling up t-shirts into the smallest volume possible, but the fact of the matter is I don’t plan on having packing take up a lot of time. All I need to do is take the piles and piles of my clothes (which have been organized, mind you), roll them up into vacuum bags, and stuff them in the three suitcases I plan on lugging with me overseas. The other issue is that I am scheduled to take the MCAT [again – yes, this was a humbling realization] two days before I leave, so….most of my time recently has been spent going over the oodles of information covered on this marathon of an exam.

But aside from packing pains, I am enjoying these last few days with my family. “Who would’ve thunk”, as my father says, “that our little Nefertitti (a nick-name harkening back to my neonatal cranial appearance) would be moving to Denmark…to live…for a whole year!?!” We’ve had lovely family dinners on the patio in the warm evening sun, gone out to our favorite “happy hour watering hole” in East Grand Rapids, and had multiple engaging conversations – those of which I will deeply miss whilst abroad. And I can’t forget my pups – I’ve spent some quality time with them too – walking, petting, and spoiling them with treats, etc….

Between my study periods and family time, I have also been searching for those things I didn’t think I’d need for a while after having returned from my study abroad experience: plug adapters, my Danish CPR number, a map or two of Copenhagen to refresh my memory, my DIS student ID (who know’s what student discounts I might still be able to get?), amongst many other things. All in all, I am getting ready…I don’t think I’m all set yet, but I’m definitely getting there. BUT I have to say that I am SO over-the-moon excited to have the opportunity to return to the lovely Danish culture – I cannot wait to see my dear host family, the city, and the people I got to know at DIS when I was there previously.

As for right now, just send me good energy as I a) take this monster test that is pretty much going to determine my future, and b) square everything away as I do the final countdown to my departure on Sunday from O’Hare!!


5 comments on “Ready….set….fly!

  1. NVK says:

    Best of luck on your test and reestablishing yourself

  2. tkilbourn says:

    Thanks for breaking out a new blog. You are an accomplished writer and that does not mean you use words well, which you do. Your writing is enhanced by your capacity to observe and by your willingness to see in new ways. That combination will stand you in good stead in the world of medicine! Travel well!!

    Tom K

  3. Debbi Smith says:

    Hi Zoe! How terribly exciting for you. Once again I will live vicariously thorugh your adventure. Safe journey! Best, Debbi

  4. Staci Ann Langkjaer says:

    hooray! i am so excited for you! and definitely pack that student ID card 🙂 you can get a lot of discounts out of it!

  5. Going backwards on your blog, Z, I, too, wish you a quintessential experience. Parker, your insightful brother, your mother and father have kept us apprised of your preparations, including the O’Hare experience.
    We missed you on the Fairfield beach, but know we will all connect with Josh, Caitlin, Ella and Gunnar together. Elaine and Barry helped bring us all together with your family in a community of possibility.
    Know we treasure you, support you and CANNOT wait to be with you in December.

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